Met Ball 2013

2:27:00 PM

its every girls dream to get dressed up, put on a dress and makeup to make you feel like a million bucks.
the met ball never seems to disappoint with the amount of creatively and class it brings every year. an amazing opportunity for fashion lovers alike to shine on this beautiful night.

for the punk theme for this year it allowed stars like Rooney Mara, Nicole Riche and Madonna  to fashionably show a punk feel like elegance. many stars embraced the theme and others still shined in non punk related outfits.but with every high fashion event there are always the best and the worst.

top 8 best dressed :

 the selection is always hard to pick with having so many stars that brought there end game to the event for the evening. as for those who didn't make the best impression, the selection is always much was either they welcome the theme with open arms or they didn't get the memo for class.

top 8 worst dressed : 

whether its worst or best dressed if its one thing we take from this years ball, is how amazing it must have been to attend. 


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