To The Washer They Go!

12:09:00 AM

empty hangers are always good indicators that clothes need to be washed, im sure there are other methods other people tell themselves they have to wash laundry but this is one of mine (:

it will always and forever be the most tedious thing a fashion lover must do but it must be done.

time consuming? check.
a little boring? check.

some people decide they need to do laundry when all there clothes are gone.i know from experience to never go that route, esp when you're left going places in your ever so glorious pj's. i figured from that point on to tell myself if 1/3 of my clothing is off the hangers its time to do the deed (the washing deed that is), and let me tell you, its always gave me more than enough options to pick outfits for the.accessories and all.

this week after laundry day i even glanced my hangers.and boy are they up for a sweet update.
i know right? i must be crazy. but even hangers needs a little loving.

i was thinking these lovely ones from ikea.

one task done, off to another.


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