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around this time is the time where applying for next semester always stresses me out. as you would think exam days are probably the most stressful, in my case, its always the class picking. and if you have bad luck like me, it always turns out 3 times worse.

thankfully through my whole ordeal this time around the next semester class picks were on point. but i must tell you getting to that point i practically had to jump through hoops and rings of fire and my patience level? well lets just say it was off the Richter Scales. i even surprised myself that i didn't jump ship so to speak.

it first started with the system failing yesterday having to wait a whole day which seemed like 3 days.
and then today.
 i finally logged on, picked my classes hoping that other students didn't pick them prior to the system meltdown. and let me just tell you it sends your nerves haywire as if your waiting in line to see your favorite band and hoping you get your ticket before they sellout. but when i got my ticket so to speak and boy was i happy.after getting the classes i intended to get, i stupidly forgot to add a class and swap them. as i would have thought, it sure wasn't gonna get easier for me. whether it was my computer that was kept freezing or the student system; it made it all practically impossible. im guessing all my luck wasn't lost and it all worked out for me.

now with all that behind me, the forward to wait for. even though i still have so much to catch up on i still remind myself that getting educated is the right thing to do. to better myself and make my brother proud.

school you stressful place,school you rewarding place (:


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