Blueberry Feta Salad

10:43:00 PM

since my fall semester of school has started again, my priorities have changed. it just about has been non stop school time. and sadly my blog wasn't at top of the list so it had to take the back seat to my life for a while.but as i organized and just situated with my schooling i figured what better way to say hello to my old time friend,Mr blogger and start distant and local with a fun easy recipe i live by.

as a college student and from experience,i know sometimes you just don't have the time to  make yourself a meal,nonetheless a healthy one. but i figured the easiest way to eat is if it in a salad.

i know i know, eating a salad doesn't mean its healthy but considering you were about to eat a bag of chips full of carbs and grease, it the better alternative.

the day before or even the time you have before class if you can cut up the necessities. 

you will need:
 1 tomato
1/2 a carrot
1 or 2 handful or blueberries,depending on how much you love em, like i do
Romiane Lettece, i recommend chopping it yourself than the packaged lettece
dressing of choice, i preferred Litehouse Greek, WENT PERFECTLY WITH THE BLUEBERRIES (: 

& crumbled feta! (:
*disclaimer : if pregnant eating feta cheese should be avoided as feta is an unpasteurized cheese*
 now all thats left to do once everything is chopped up in little bite size pieces is either to combine them leaving them for tomorrow or if eating right now,combine with now and enjoy ! (:

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