Fall Semester Over. yay!

6:37:00 PM

as some of your may know, school swallowed me up this whole semester and i wasnt even sure if it was
going to spit me back out. but after long stressful days and working non stop, i got through it. and passed the finish line, while the almost finish line aha.

 i told myself i could multitask and i tried, but sadly the cards werent in my favor (hunger game pun) and school took the priority. it really wasnt an option to blog as i soon found out when my school schedule was just project after project.

but now that i have a lovely break and some well deserved time to breathe, i thought might as well try and try again. because blog, i shall not fail you aha

i thought i would dedicated this post to showing you guys some photos of what i was up to in some of my classes for the fall.

all photos & illustrations are mine and mine alone.


& now my question to you, whats your favorite part of winter break?(:

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