Cruelty Free Craze

9:40:00 AM

recently ive been paying more attention to what ive been using. ive always been into eating healthy foods and treating my body never really occurred to me that the products i use could eventually end all my good work with the nasty ingredients they use.

so, it first started there. i made sure all the products i bought were free of parabens and were almost all organic. i know i have a long way to go since some of the products i very much adore contain ingredients im sure any health nut would cringe at.

throwing away products you saved your money good earned money even still makes me lightheaded.some of which i couldn't even begin to tell you how much i payed some it isnt a second question, they would go for it and say good riddance for myself being a beauty lover with capital L, it will take baby steps.

as for the cruelty free part, it wasn't a second question at all. ever since i was little my passion towards animals has always been number one. i grew up respecting and protecting senior year, i even did my last project proclaiming my love for them and  speaking out against the use of furs.even to this day i refuse to eat animal meats,wear animals skins and furs and put anything on my body that contains animal ingredients.

ive always been aware that there were products out there that were bunny approved(not tested on animals) and a majority of the beauty products i own are cruelty free.but over the past year ive started to transition all the products, cruelty free even from products i never would have thought were. this past week i came across some soon to be holy grain soon as reading countless number of reviews i knew i had to place my orders. the companys called nourish organics and there products range for body washs,body butters to even deodorants.

i bought myself two deodorants in the most lovely fragrances as well as a body wash in fresh fig (: 
.not only were they a win for being cruelty free but for being paraben free,gluten free,and eco friendly.not to mentio usda organic!(: all for such a reasonable price (:
but i didnt stop there from purchasing things when i checked out jason natural products and switched over my toothpaste(:
switching over products never felt so right ! (:


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