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6:21:00 PM

since the new year has started. lot of people have been started there new years resolutions.
ive always enjoyed the idea for making promises to yourself and hoping you actually go through with them. but ive never really made them for myself. i know myself well enough to know i would hardly finish one promise.

but heres the difference i think;
i never broken a promise to someone ive made one with. maybe because i value promises that people make with me,that i couldn't bear breaking one to another person. maybe because to me, a person is only as good as there words & promises, its builds trust and closeness; those so happen to every important in relationships; no matter what the relationship.

and now promises to myself;
im secure enough with myself to know that if i ever made a promise to myself and broke it, it wouldn't shatter of what ive worked to so hard to become. my image wouldn't be broken, my ideals and morals wouldn't be compromised. its a promise within myself and if i so happen to break it,it wouldn't necessarily be the end of the world. i think of myself more than being able to keep promises and somehow my foundation isn't based on just that.

some of course would argue that it makes you a better person, and i dont disagree nor agree with that opinion. theres are alot of things in the world that could make you a better person doing billions of other things.were human, and we all strive to do things that would better us.
& isnt being a better person for yourself, not others. i feel like you do it for yourself, to better yourself; your being, & not for anyone else.

the only real thing ive will continuing doing for this year is that same thing i started last year doing. and its to continue to grow on who i am to myself, to be the person i want to be without anyone's input or advice.society now is so centered on what people think of them.on what they look like through this magic crystal ball.and its become hard to allow yourself to be who you wanna be because you're so scared and frightened on what people might critique you about. over years and years of going through that, ive just learned to cancel the noise. everyones journey is within themselves and who am i to say how you should and shouldnt go about having it.

there are no promises to myself this year and i dont think there will ever be,not because its unimportant to me because i feel like its not promises i want to make to myself.

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