Review & Swatches: How Bout Them Apples by The Balm

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so, i was checking out the balms website the other day and came across this little beauty. i havent purchased any new cream blushes in a while and well, i couldnt pass this up.
if you need to know something about me when it comes to blushes, my favorite are cream. alot of people hate cream blush because they can dry out the skin but in all my time wearing them, i was always lucky they treat my skin fairly well.

they come in six colors: cider, pie, candy, cobbler, crisp and caramel.
each shade is very versatile if wanting to wear as a cheek or a lip color. and the longevity of each of them is amazing .cream blushes in general always last a bit longer then powder blushes and this is no exception.
the consistency of the blushes are thin and very opaque so little does go a long way.because they're not matte cream blushes they wont dry your skin out.
pinky nude
pink red
 bubblegum pink
vibrant darker red
peachy coral with golden shimmer
warm caramel

i love the shades of every color in this palette but if i had to say my most faavorite thing about it, its the scent or shall i say the lack of scent. most blushes either have a hit or miss with scents and im totally glad its not a overpowering aspect.
in all honestly, you really do get your moneys worth out of this palette and im so glad i do.

i hope you enjoyed this review i hope you check out the balms products!(:


& now my question to you, whats your favorite color blush?

*disclaimer : this is not a sponsered post*

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