Haul: Bath & Body Works

6:55:00 AM

Hello fellow readers! recently i ran out of a small travel sized spray that i fell in love with from Bath and Bath Works. It was one of those purchases you just buy to try & it was something i didnt think i would go for. But i fell in love with the coconut lime mist.maybe because of my current obsession with all things coconut. seriously though. & so when it was time to buy to full size i thought might as well try other coconut scented products.
 you know that "lime in the coconut" song. its exactly where my mind went when i first smelled the spray!
Every time i shop at B&BWs i pick up the mini hand sanitizers. just because they make my nose happy and im always losing them.

in all honestly i dont think ive ever finished a body spray or body lotion. But hopefully my love for all things coconut continues and possibly i will finish them. One can only hope right?!


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