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Whether it be a book slump or an inspiration slump. Your stuck. The feeling of being in quicksand rages on and you can either go with the flow of it and let it take you or pull and crawl your way out of it. I never been in quicksand, but I'm sure, those would be the ways right?

I know this from experience, slump are the worst. And I've had them all. From book slumps, to work slumps to even design slumps; which I'm currently in sadly. But because I've experienced them and fought my way out of them, I know the ways of the Yoda and overcoming this dark force.

Mix it up. Routine and all.

Your probably in one because your routine is the same day in and day out. and with the same routine, the more you do something over and over the more it loses it's spark. So try a different genre or a different scenery.

Find the balance and relax

Believe it or not,  it can be stress. and your probably thinking how can the thing I do to de-stress be the stress maker? because your forcing it. Don't force it, it makes it worse. Your desperately trying to overcome it but at the same time its doesn't feel the same. I tried forcing it and I was stuck on the same paragraph rereading and lost my focus because I just couldn't get into the flow. So relax. Do a task that alternatively relaxes you like listening to music or meditating. After all, this slump is mainly because your mentally unmotivated.

Work around it and you'll find your way back.

In my experience, it makes it worse if you wait. and if its a work slump, it isn't something you can do without losing your job. If its a time sensitive slump, work around it. Slowly do tasks you know you can accomplish and then when you feel like your ready, read the book or work on your deadline.

Most importantly, Stay Positive

Your biggest disadvantage throughout this whole mess is your thinking. Don't devalue your commitment and  don't discourage yourself into thinking you can accomplish this. YOU CAN. Being stuck doesn't make you a bad worker or undisciplined. It's something that can happen to anyone doing anything. So don't let it psyche you out. Positive thinking with exponentially speed up and dissolve this dreaded slump of yours.

These are just four ways that have helped me in the past and continue to help me now. But all that really matters is what works for you. Everyone is different and some methods can vary. But I think as the end goal is always the same-to fight through the slump-to commitment and motivation will continue to thrive.

So tell me; have you tried any of these, and if you did, did they help?

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