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This actually happens to be a subject that I've been wanting to talk and discuss about for a while now. And it's one that can go about in a lot of ways. 

As a fellow lifestyle blogger, I'm very well experienced in the art of trying new things. It's literally the reason we keep blogging and people keep reading. And because the experiencing new products all the time, it can be really hard to narrow down on what you would consider "favorite" or even put in that category. What I have realized over the years, is favorites always change as with the times. So what I have done in the past is, I group my favorites. Or in better words, round up with current faves each month because mine change so much. For a while and so far, it's been pretty good. It's allowed me the freedom of both worlds essentially.

But what I have noticed is that, there are a lot of favorites. 

Especially for a lifestyle/beauty blogger because there are a lot of products out there and a lot of categories of favorites. For example; my favorite blushes, my favorite skincare products, etc.  When I first started transitioning into more ethical/ cruelty free products I narrowed the amount of favorites I have enjoyed. But I also widen the many types of new and exciting products to also try. So what I lost, I also gained.

 From that experience, I've learned that it's either too much or not enough

When do you decide to cut down on your "favorites" and limit what you consider one? How can one go about categorizing this category without looking too busy? This small but mighty dilemma has bugged me for a while now because I am still transitioning my beauty/lifestyle products out. I am also still figuring about what products I enjoy the most and what suit my skin and body the most. I was thinking maybe in conjunction with my monthly favorites, I could do a series on here about my journey to finding my favorites; which I'm highly leaning towards.

While I'm still figuring out my method, I guess I'm asking what are yours? What have you done to address this and what has worked for you when its comes to grouping things together? Do you also do a monthly wrap up? Let's talk about it in the comments below (:

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  1. My method is just to write diary style about my life... each week I blog about something we did or how I felt that week. I rarely blog about a product... in fact in a year of blogging I've only done that once and it was a product I toatally loved :) Shell

  2. Hey! Beauty obviously isnt my thing, but as a fellow writer, I want to tell you: keep it up! I know what it's like, stay dedicated!

  3. Well, I think the word favourite no longer is effective because there are so many brands out there and so many new products being introduced everyday.. you might like something today and tomorrow there might be a 100 improvised versions of the same thing! I definitely don't categorize things into favourites anymore!


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