My Sweet Brothers 21st Birthday

12:01:00 AM

in a few minutes will conclude the end of my only brothers birthday.
the fact is, not only am i rushing on writing this post just to be able to post it on this day but to share a quick overview on how special he was to me and continues to be.

i would normal write a heartfelt post about it but not only did i already in my personal journal but im just not ready to express my raw feelings to the whole world about a very intimate and personal subject.
for a long while i suppose the questions you may all want and answers with be on hold as i cope with the very fresh loss of him still.

nonetheless this day as been harder than i could imagine and im glad i had my family with me throughout it. to celebrate his life and together remember the sweet memories we all have with him.

may 5 1992-sept 10 2012

i love you big brother.

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