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7:44:00 PM

Who doesn't love when  Bath and Body  Works has sales and big sales too! It seems to me they always do and when they do i try my best to snag up some new scents to try out. Over the years ive always seemed to go back to the same scents but this summer i figured to think outside the box. And i hardly ever disappointed with my picks. (:

A few months ago i ran out of my candles and picked this up. I have a rarely small room so small candles are usually ideal. I always seem to change the smell of my room so a good variety is always key and not to mention i dont lit them as often.

The same kind of concept goes when i get lotions and sprays.I cant remember the last time i finished a full sized body spray and body lotion so this time around i got to smart thinking. Not only was i happy with the summer scents i picked for my order but i have a feeling ill stick with them till as long as i can but falls coming around and fall scents like pumpkin and spice are to die for (:

(disclaimer: i kinda figured i should tell you that some of the scents may or may not still be in stock, and the sales may differ from products over time )

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