Weekend Wishlist #3

11:04:00 PM

so, lets just start by saying, im back, again, like i said again.
and what better way then a weekend wishlist. i havent done one in awhile and it was way over due. and if your new to this ill explain it to you, hi, yes, you(:
its a list of comprising material objects i wish to possess in the near future and/or if i ever had an incredible bank account where theyre were 10 zeros at the end.its my wants and my wishes. each time i make it, i make sure the list had objects that some i could actually afford. and since their are...

(from left to right)
since last summer ive always wanted to try these out. and because its hot and humid during the days you want to wear something that will last. now, to some people $26 is alot for a blush but you get alot of product and little always goes along way.
i honestly didnt know they had these till today, and literally bought 5 as soon as i saw them.maybe because they were only $1 or maybe because my obsession with all things coconut. they would be perfect for late spa night or spa days.
in my opinion, chapstick and sunscreen are essentials for summer time. and let me just tell you,your lips will love your for protecting them. ive always been a huge fan of trying new lip products out and ive heard good things about this brand.they happen to be cruelty free and that makes me a fan.
not going to lie, these are sold out,and i was sad when they were. but i found a pair similar enough that it makes up for my loss and hopefully yours to, if you so happen to have the same taste in shoes
ive embraced peplums for what they are, heaven. sometimes theyre hit or miss depending on if they fit right. but the baby blue catches my eye for summer.and the bow doesnt hurt either.
last year i had the amazing opportunity to purchase my first oscar de la renta bag, and it was and still is my most favorite purchase ever.as a fashion designer, i look up to him,because well hes amazing! print in the summer can either be done cliche or chic, and for this skirt, chic all the way.
whenever i have the chance to buy something from free people i do it. and i do it big. i love the ascept of layering rings and with this ring, you simply don't have to,to achieve the same look. its always a win when shopping for jewelry at free people, and i probably always will. 

this weekend i bought more wishlist items then i thought i would have, but when in rome right? oh boy, i WISH i was in rome aha

wishlists are fun, they open your mind, allow you to dream & to take chances that are safe enough for your pretty little wallet. so if your anything like me, dont stop making them. but remember material objects are just that, sometimes they sooth the soul the moment you get them but they dont keep you warm on cold night; unless you happened to buy a chic blanket that does(;

so my question to you, 
if you could buy anything wishlist item,what would it be?


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