Hello Fall

8:13:00 PM

its kinda weird to say since for most people started fall in sept. but if you live in California it hasn't felt like fall as of last night due to rain, oh yes, beautiful rain.
which was needed for us and for my lovely soul. 

here it is though,the first day of November and the weather feels lovely.only hoping it last like this for a while. since the weathers nice and the air is chill i wanna share some fall favorites im loving currently,

Sephora in my opinion always has the best sets to try new products. I've always have an obsession of lip sticks and this current one has multiple colors that would look amazing for fall.

No matter season i think lace is always suitable to wear. I love that i could layer this cardigan if the weather got colder.

I recently just bought mysef a kuerig after wanting one for so long and the selections of how many different drinks you can make. MIND BLOWING. Cold weather means hot drinks & hot cocoa has always been my go to.

Im having an affair with my cowboy boots, shh dont tell them! with these babies. ugh lace and boots. yes please.


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