Fresh for Fall

12:26:00 AM

I decided after years of being in a rut creatively I would slowly work my way out of it taking small steps.
After being out of my little rut: I've come up with things I've learned that I now enjoy more partaking in.

1. Reading

whether its a ebook or a hardcover, I found myself gravitating towards reading more. I found my love for books again and forever escape into them when I need to. I've also learned that I gain a lot of inspiration of the characters I read about.

2. Social Media

Who knew? Well considering everyone and their mothers are connected online, I guess it wouldn't come to much of a shock. Its probably the one of the easier things that helped me.

3. Nature

I started going outside more to parks. I've always found that i gained inspiration from nature even before my rut. It become one of those tried and true things that helped because you knew it helped you before.

4. Photography

now this usually goes hand in hand with my nature walks. Something about experiencing something beautiful and getting to capture it for later is brilliant. With nature, you do not really have to set up a photo shoot or arrange things that are aesthetically  pleasing to the eye. It sort of already is.

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