Holy Grail: Bioderma

8:36:00 PM

so theres the thing, im never normally preachy about things, esp. products that are overly hyped about.
from the numerous youtube videos and makeup artists that swear by this stuff, i now get why. for the longest time i had always had trouble finding the right makeup remover. i would get those harsh racoon eyes, that flatters no woman, and mascara that would still would be on my face.

just like some of you, i get lazy sometimes and don't wash my face.and don't lie, we've all done it. haha
well the times when i am lazy i dab a little on a cotton wipe and off everything goes.EVERYTHING.
also, when im not feeling lazy, after i cleanse my face and before i put my moisturizer on, i get a cotton ball and wipe away any dirt and makeup my cleanser didn't get.

 i wasn't blessed with perfect skin so over the years ive worked hard to maintain it and take care of it.i have naturally combination skin and some makeup wipes/removers just left my face worse than i left it. and i was so fed up. then, word around the beauty grapevine was that there this hidden gem,bioderma. i did my research and automatically fell in love.
i found it on amazon 2 500ml bottles for around 45 dollars.now i figured it was a really good real since one 500 ml bottle is around 23 dollars.
not only is it really gentle on the face but its water based so it doesn't leave my skin feeling oily.depending on your skin type there are different cleansers that suit you, making it much easier. with my success, i cant wait to try more products from them. i couldn't have ask for more coming from a french brand <3

& now my question to you, whats your holy grail cleanser?(: 


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