Review: Earthly Body Skin Butter

10:17:00 PM

ive always been a lotion girl as long as i could remember and never really enjoyed the aspect of body butters. maybe it was because i never found the right one or the sometimes greasy feeling i felt after putting it on. but over the past year i found myself loving body butters.and every time i bought one i felt very pleased with them, this body butter being no exception.

its called skin butter by earthly body. its really no secret that i love buying products that are animal friendly and not animal tested, so if you're a lover of furry creatures, this product and all products by earthly body are leaping bunny certified. huge plus. there also very Eco friendly and they use natural ingredients that wont harm your body. another huge plus. it also leaves the skin absolutely soft whether you put it on your hands, feet or of course,all over your body. from what  i know it comes 5 fragrances, in which i chose to go for guavalava. the scent itself is sweet but not at all over powering and it really does have lasting power. i put it on after i shower in the morning and it lasted all till mid afternoon,which i enjoyed.

 there's always been this huge controversy about hemp over the past years but i own a few items with hemp oil in them and they always treated my body good. i love that it contained hemp as well as argan oil,jojoba oil, Shea butter and rose hips(oh my love for all things rose). i also bought a earthly body lotion and chap-stick and i cant wait to try them now knowing how great there skin butters are. i definitely recommend checking them out at their website,here.

& now my question to you, whats your current favorite body butter? (:


*DISCLAIMER:  this is not a sponsored post.all thoughts and opinions are mine and mine only.*

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