Thoughts on: Book Recycling

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When does one recycle? And how does one go about it? 

You've spent your good earned cash on a new hardcover that then sits on your shelf after you then buy another a few months later. Your personal library then grows to a significant amount but then your bookcases refuse to hold anymore books. How do you then decide to go about making change?...

As a fellow book lover and a conscious person about staying fairly Eco-friendly, I come across this question a lot. I don't want to throw a book out. Because one, I'm not evil. & two, I hold recycling in a very high regard.

But what is considered book recycling?
Whether you decide to donate, or sell. It would be considered recycling. You're not contributing to waste, your just relocating you're once book buddy to a new home.

And what if the book can't be donated or sold? 
If the book is not in the condition of being donated or sold, you can up-cycle. I know this is going to sounds totally sacrilegious and I would only ever recommend to do this if your book is heavily beaten up. But, I would suggest you tear it apart. A book consists of fairly good paper that can be used for different things. You can rip out the pages and use it for art. What was once a lovely book can now be a wonderful piece of art.

But say your not very artsy, what else can you do?
It's super easy. A lot of curbside disposal programs will take books. Essentially you are throwing it out, but in the nice way. lol Just remember to put the book in the paper bin & not the the regular trash bin. Because then that book can't be recycled & transform into a "beautiful butterfly"(bugs life reference anyone?) or a anything else.

Ultimately, I think the way to book recycle is not buy as much books. I know I know. what am i saying? But unless you have completely set in your ways, you can do this. & how you ask? When in doubt, E BOOK it out. Gods gift to book lovers. I can't tell you how many more books I have read and enjoyed through reading on a kindle. It not only saves me money but it also gives my already big bookshelf some time to breath.

These are just my thoughts on how one can go about recycling if they ever had to. If your anything like me, you try you're best to never be in that situation. 

And if you have recycled your beloved books, RIP little bookies, you were loved.

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  1. I have a pretty large book collection, but I'm a big believer in donating books. For the last few months, I've been weeding through my shelves. I like to donate to Goodwill or my library (although they are limited in when they'll take books). I like that the books get another life with a new reader.

    1. Nothing fresher then spring cleaning (:

  2. I always give up books I don't plan on re-reading because they really do just sit on the shelves doing nothing but I wouldn't really want to recycle a book to an art piece unless I'm certain it will look good because it will end up in the recycle bin. I actually did see a lot of books that were turned into art so that's not a bad way to recycle books.

    have a lovely day.

    1. I have seen people make the coolest things with books (:

      happy reading (:

  3. I can't part away with my books. I know I am vain and I have a problem. I have boxes of books stored in the attic. But I am changing, I am restraining from buying hard copies and choosing e-books.

    Gayathri @ Musings Over Nothing

    P.S Did you hear about the Hide a book campaign? I have joined it.


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