My Struggle With TBR's

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If you have don't have the discipline of an Olympic athlete, don't do TBR's.

Something I have learned the hard way it seems. Normally when going about reading and picking a book I want to read, I'll make a list of potential novels like most readers I know do. Sounds super easy right? WRONG.

I've attempted so many times on completing my TBR's. 

And it's all ended in me sad facing at the lack of accomplishment. It's not because I don't want to read them. Because let's be honest, that's a silly thing to say. But it's because I've put this unnecessary amount of pressure to finish something that I just end up failing at. My mind tries so desperately to wrap my head around the plot and the characters and nothing clicks. It becomes about reading the line after line but visualizing nothing but jumbled up words on a page. It then becomes totally unmotivating. And before I know it I've put myself in a book slump.

Very contradicting. Very annoying. Very "lets pray to the god's and have them bless me with something to get me at least two books in on my list" 

Because I have come to that point. Because I'll try anything at that point.

Oh but that isn't my only struggle. 

It wouldn't be worthy of a blog post if it was just one thing. lol

I have also found myself struggling with the never ending book releases of some pretty amazing books. Sure it doesn't sound like the worst struggle. But when it comes to my TBR, it most certainly is. Books that were on my TBR get pushed back by the new releases and then my TBR never actually gets caught up with.

"wait; let's have a drinking game on how many times I just said "tbr" "

But if its one thing I've learned from all this; is this...

Read whatever you wanna read. If your not into reading a certain book, don't suffered through it. Just pick another one that catches your eye. Over time I've kinda forgot about what the real experience of devouring an interesting book is. I got caught up in my literary goals that my love for reading suffered. And let's face it, as a book lover that's like looking getting all ebooks; it just can't happen.

Maybe one day I'll catch up with all the books to be read. And maybe 50% of my library will contain all books I haven't read. With all the maybe's in the world, I will continue to remind myself that my love for reading isn't about the accomplishment's I'll boast about but of the thrilling excitement of finishing books I truly, utterly wanted to read in that moment.

So what are some of your reading struggles? Do you also struggle with your tbr? Lets talk about it in the comments below (:

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  1. I never make lists of the books I want to read, it only sets myself up for disappointing myself, great post

  2. I also don't get to my list of books I want to read either because I get so busy with the kids during the summer I am lucky if I can find time to read one book from front to back. Good luck on your reading goals.

  3. I have lost all hope of ever completing my TBR list. All is lost right now, yet I am adding books to it :(

    Gayathri @ Musings Over Nothing

    1. Ahh the never ending list of all the books.its like opening pandoras box lol

  4. There are times when I have a hard to sit down and read a book. I can start to read a book series first one book and forget about reading the next one for months and I have a ton of books in my room.

  5. I agree with your comment- read what you want to read. If I pick up a book and I can't get excited about it, I don't keep reading. I do read a lot. But I only ready what I love.

  6. I have several books I've started to read, but I've not being able to complete them. This is because my time is always choked. I hope I'll be able to shelve some jobs and make out time to study more.

  7. I've never done TBRs the most planning I've ever done is choosing what to take with me when I go away and although I enjoy being able to pick whatever I want I did sometimes end up feeling overwhelmed with all the choice I had on my shelf. This is the first month I've ever tried a TBR so I shall see how I get on but if I don't achieve my goals then that's okay it's all about loving what were reading right?
    Gemma @

  8. I love reading and I can never stick to a list or finish it! Ahhhhh

  9. I feel your pain, my TBR list currently stands at 182 �� that will take me YEARS I know as I average 60 books a year lol. I noticed you're reading Our Dark Duet. I've just finished it and I'm broken, what do you think so far?

    Hannah @ The Northern Writes |


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