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Wrap Up: 
The month of August was truly more exciting than it was for July, hence why I didn't really have a favorites for July. Two amazing blessing's happened. One being blessed with the sweetest, most cutest puppy around. 
Maybe I'm being a little bias, but she couldn't get any cuter. We settled on the name Bailey, that again, we think we really perfect for her. 
The second blessing, was even more amazing and came a few days after this sweet puppers. And he allowed me to be an aunt for the third time. My little nephew being born hands down made the month the best month this year. I would show how adorable he is but out of respect and privacy for my family, I will not. I guess you'll have to take my word for it (:

As for material things I enjoyed this month. It wasn't really hard to pick. I've been obsessed with Pacifica this whole year. So it isn't a surprise when I say I've been loving their products. Over this past year, I've reduced the amount of makeup I have been wearing, but their lip tint has always gave me the perfect amount of color. I also been LOVING their nail polish. It's amazing that it is vegan and cruelty free with such a great color pay off.
And when I'm not wearing makeup, I love making sure my face is clean and fresh. Before I was cruelty free, I loved a cleanser by biore that was an apricot scrub. For years it was always my go-to for the job and wonders it did for my ance. So When I turned cruelty free; I sorta miss it. Until this baby entered my life. OH it replaced the cleanser in a second. And believe it or not, it worked better than the biore one. I also found myself using it as a leg scrub for shaving my legs. And let me tell you.... my legs have never been smoother (:

Last but not least this book! oh this book! 
I actually started it in August but finished it this month. I couldn't have read it fast enough. Before I got it, I heard nothing but amazing reviews on how good it was. And I knew when getting it, I would go in blind. Because some books just deserve those fresh opinions and outlook. And so within the first few pages, I realized why the reviews were so great. 

Throughout the story Cyril Avery (the main character) fought tooth and nail to try and live the most authentic life possible. He was given trials and made mistakes that were no short of human errors of him and the world he grew up in. His character growth was both gripping and saddening. It left you wanting to know more about how one man although fictional, found himself and the history of himself through the tribulations of bigotry and ignorance of others. When reading the story I found myself rooting for Cyril. To find the peace and love he so much desired. From the first few pages your brought and introduced on how this character came into the world and then left reading on how his struggles and actions would lead him on the path he eventually be content and happy with. 

This story was everything you possibly would ever want a book to be. It was both funny, sad, witty and told the story of a man faced with injustice and finding himself at the same time. He wasn't a perfect man, like most real people aren't and it gave the authenticity to feel for him and root for him. I couldn't recommend this book enough.

So what were some of your favorites for last month or currently loving this month? Let's talk about in the comments below (:

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  1. I've been dying over how pretty Literary Lacquers Ocean at the End of the Lane trio is this month. Book wise, my obsession with Max Gladstone's Craft Sequence has been renewed with the release of the 6th book in the series, Ruin of Angels.

  2. I can't even believe that August is over. But that is the cutest puppy! Makes me miss when my pups were that tiny.

  3. Happy to hear you have a nephew. Great to be an aunt (again).. Kids are all the way the reason why our life will be so colourful..

  4. Congratulations on the birth of your nephew! Great to be an aunt again! I hope I get to be aunt someday too! Your puppy is adorable! :) The Heart's Invisible Furies sounds like a great book! I may want to check it out someday!

  5. Your interests are so diverse and it looks like you have a great little dog!


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