Project Organize: Makeup Palettes

11:50:00 AM

ive been on huge spree lately to organize anything and everything. and  i decided this time around to get my makeup sorted. i realized i had to do something about it when my boyfriend entered my room and my makeup was literally everywhere; floor and all. and if your like me, you wanna hide the fact your wear makeup as long as you can around keep him guessing and all.

and so i thought why not bring you guy's around to show you how i do it.

everyone's different on how they organize things; some do it by alphabetical order,but, i just so happen to this way.

( just remember; you can choose which ever way suits you more)

( i made sure i held on to the palettes i actually used  & gave away those that i didn't use )

& viola!

somehow im impressed with myself,every palette i own is compacted into one box.
but im sure they wont stop me from purchasing more in the future (;

till next part of series; face products


&now my question to you; how do you organize your makeup? 

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