Valentines Gift Guide: For Her

4:37:00 PM

still stumped about what to give her?
with valentines just around the corner i compiled 7 easy gift giving ideas to give to special someone in your life.

its simple, easy and trust me, hand written notes are the cutest!
2. nail polish
it doesn't have to be chanel, but nail polish is a really nice idea,especially if she loves it.
you'll score some points on noticing her interests.
the thought always counts with flowers.
they lit the mood, they smell amazing and if willing to splurge a little, this would be a great gift
jewelry is a girls best friend. 
something for you and her.
nough' said(;
the packaging is lovely, the price is affordable and smell of love is in this gift set


& now my question to you;
what gift ideas do you have?

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