Book Review: The Lesser Bohemians

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Do you ever find yourself utterly captivated with a book cover and simply hope for the best?

Its exactly what I had hoped from when reading this book.
The synopsis, the reviews, the cover. Everything I could have possibly needed to come out strong at the end of this book. But then I found myself stuck.

Book synopsis from Good Reads: 
Upon her arrival in London, an 18-year-old Irish girl begins anew as a drama student, with all the hopes of any young actress searching for the fame she’s always dreamed of. She struggles to fit in—she’s young and unexotic, a naive new girl—but soon she forges friendships and finds a place for herself in the big city.

Then she meets an attractive older man. He’s an established actor, 20 years older, and the inevitable clamorous relationship that ensues is one that will change her forever.

A redemptive, captivating story of passion and innocence set across the bedsits of mid-1990s London, McBride holds new love under her fierce gaze, giving us all a chance to remember what it’s like to fall hard for another.

When first reading this book, I enjoyed the freshness of the writing. It was new and I found myself lucky to read something so different. The author has a beautiful way of putting things. And in some cases, it can be a total disaster or an utter masterpiece. And although, the writing was beautiful and fascinating, it was also why I couldn't bring myself to finish the book. What I had found lovely, became difficult to continue.

The book is set upon the characters consciousness. So its like reading what is exactly going through that persons mind in that moment. You witness the moments the character is in awe and what exactly is going through her mind. Its simply poetic in that sense. Well in every sense. The book doesn't read like any other book I've read. And in that way, I love this book. The story itself, Id have to say is clique at best. But its the authors writing that carry's it that makes it work.

I have learned one thing from this. This is a book you really have to commit to. You have to set aside a good hour or so to get used the way the author narrates the story or you'll be completely lost in the mind of the main character. It certainly isn't a book I found myself binge reading. But it is a book I'd like to pick up again and try to grasp it with patience.

*disclaimer: I received this book from the Blogging for Books  program in exchange for this review.

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