Reading Challenge Completed!

8:57:00 PM

In 2016, I gave myself a goal to expand my experience for reading. I read books I wouldn't normally read and along the way I found a love for reading I didn't think I would have. I even got books sent it me by publishers which was unexpectedly amazing!

It surely wasn't easy though, I like anyone else had reading stumps and fell into the horrid reading slump after a reading binge. But with time and patience, I powered through.

Last year I focused on reading series's mostly. Maybe because I had a feeling I would enjoy the book and want more of it. And because I didn't want to catch myself just with a short fast read in one book and be put off by reading another.

I set my goal to read 50 books and happily surpassed it by one.

I though what better way to start this new year into a new reading challenge for myself. Id like to dabble in a few non fictions and explore more fantasy. And continually document my reviews of them on here with you all as I gradually have last year.

Here's to the new year and new exciting books!

Now my question to you! How many books do you think you'll read this year?

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  1. I shall read 200 books. I hope! Crossing my fingers.

    1. I enjoy the optimism ! good luck with your goal !(:


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