Book Review: Clean My Space

12:51:00 PM

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Opening those first pages was like opening to guide book to
how to get my shit together. A much needed guide book at that.
I've only recently just started my journey of keeping my mind and my house clear at the same time. and what I've found is that cleaning anything and everything is soothing.

Before this book I explored YouTube for anything to help me clean my house, and then I discovered the wonderful Melissa Maker. She explained things so easily and in ways that made doing easy chores enjoyable again. And then as an avid follower of her journey I've discovered an Arc of her book waiting patiently at my door step.

Was this the cleaning gods looking down on me?
The answer is yes.

Her book is informative and quirky and so much more than her YouTube content, but in so many beautiful ways. She touches on subjects and spaces in a house thoroughly that a five minute video couldn't. And I love that ! I've tried out a few steps in the book of how to complete a certain task. And I know what your thinking, Steps? It must sound complicated.
Oh but it isn't. It actually allowed me to get the job done quicker and more efficiently as possible. and again, I love that!

This surely is a book that I'm going to keep going back to.

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