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Hello everyone! I thought what better way to bring in spring then with a new post about my current favorites I have been enjoying for March. These happen to be items that I have been trying and will be successfully repurchasing in the future. And it just so happens that these fav's are both distant and local finds, uh blog name anyone? Yes, my blog centers around all things I enjoy both distant and local (: so anyways, let jump right into it! (:

I recently picked up these Eco Tools Duo Eye Brushes from my local market early in the month. I've always been a huge fan of Eco Tools because of their philosophy and because they're products never really let me down. I enjoy that they are super affordable cruelty free brand that truly care about the environment. Everything can be recycled and the materials are super sustainable (:
In the same shopping trip I picked up a Pacifica Mascara. I've always wanted to try out Pacifica beauty products because I've always heard really good things about them. I only ever ventured into their makeup wipes and perfumes. Pacifica also is a cruelty free and vegan makeup brand that supports clean waters. I'm only guessing that because it was a mineral mascara it wasn't too harsh on my lashes, which i enjoyed. It was fairly super natural so it didn't look like I had several coats of it on which was also a huge plus for me.
When I ran out of my favorite toner, I needed a back up stat since I happen to be an avid face cleanser. Its an Australian made facial mister from Congnescenti I found at Tjmaxx. This happened to not only be a face toner I could use after washing my face but carry with me when my makeup needed a little refresh. I honestly don't spritz my face that often but with this, it made me want to. This product also is cruelty free.
From the many books that I'm reading this month, I thought I would choose this one that stood out the most. The book is Eleanor by Jason Gurely. It's a literary fiction novel with fantastical elements. I don't know why I've been reading such emotional reads but I'm so glad that this was one of them.
The novel centers around two women named Eleanor both related by a generation apart. When the book first starts it introduces the first Eleanor whose deeply struggling with family life. Years pass and the story is told about the other Eleanor who has to battle with a mother is an alcoholic and family tragedy. Throughout the book, you're pushed into these deep subjects and ache for what these characters are going through. And it's not so much about the central characters but the characters/family around them too. Jason Gurley did a beautiful job of balancing grief/loss,with surreal fantasy. He not only did a amazing job at capturing the strong tones of depression but the effects of what it has to people around you who care. The fantasy elements of the book really tied everything together in such an intricate way that you didn't feel like you were reading something but watching something like The Lovely Bones or The Dreams May Come. I'm so happy I picked up this book and read Jason Gurely because now I feel like I have a standard of what incredible books look and feel like. I couldnt recommend this book enough!
Another local but distant find I've discovered I love this month are these beautiful fruits. I picked these delicious babies up at my local Sprouts and I was so glad I did. The beautiful specimen that is the orange alien looking fruit is called a Horned melon/Kiwano that is native to South Africa. At first glance I was totally intimidated too. But when the lovely grocery man saw I was curious, he gladly opened one up for my and my family to sample. I mean the inside is just as weird as the outside but the taste...oh the taste! Its like eating the juiciest cucumber/kiwi ever! and yes, it is in the cucumber family.
And now to the green babies like look like olives. They're called Kiwi Berries that are native to New Zealand. They're literally just a berry that taste and look like kiwis without the fuzzy skin. You eat them just like you would a blueberry and a blackberry. But I've learned not to eat too much or you get the sourness of eating too much kiwi.

I honestly couldn't have asked for better products to start my spring in. 

*disclaimer: I received the book listed above from Blogging For Books in exchange for an honest review*

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