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April Wrap Up:

Boy, did April go by fast! I thought i'd wrap up this April before getting to the things I really had enjoyed this month. Although this month started somewhat relaxed, it was towards the end of it that it started picking up. It first started with telling myself I would read all the books that I have been putting off and strike some books off of my TBR (to be read) list. This month I also spent a lot of time helping my mother search for a dress to an upcoming occasion. The experience made me realize that the options for plus size/curvy women were slim to none. The options were either really aging or they were very modest. And if you ever met an curvy woman, you know that those options suck. The stores we went to had maybe 5 dress options for plus size and within those 5 dresses, you either looked like you were in the Victorian era going to a funeral or the silhouette destroyed your beautiful figure. In the end, we picked out a lovely ensemble with a touch of glitter that she loved.
& now to my favorites! 
I ended receiving Long May She Reign by Rhiannon Thomas in the mail ALL THE WAY from the Great Britain. If that wasn't cool enough, it also had a post card addressed to me from the author! I thought, ok, I can die happily now.

But then I turned the first pages of the book & I was surprised again; with the book autographed! I'm sure you can guess why this made my April favorites.

This month along with my dress shopping adventures, I ended up picking up a new eyeliner. I needed one & I'm so glad I picked up this one. Not only is this Urban Decay All Nighter Eyeliner vegan & cruelty free but it did what it said. I normally don't gravitate towards pencil liners, but this one stayed and went on SMOOOOOOOTH like butttah.

I've been OBESSED with succulents for the past two years, but this year I decided my hand at propagating them. Yessss I grew this baby from just a mother plants leaf. Don't let the container fool you. I guess you can say I do pick favorites with my plants,because....(;

My last but not least favorite of the month was also based of necessity. Coming out of winter into spring left my skin in a mess of sorts. But this Tea Tree Oil from Jason smoothed my skin ad left it feeling fresh.

Thanks for reading! & remember to enjoy the simple things in life. I do & I just happen to share them with you every month (:

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