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 Normally I don't have this many books over a short period of time. I normally give myself a limit on how much & how many books I'm allowed. Not that I ever heavily enforced it but, personal limits, someone has to have them.right? Because if you're anything like me, you can get a little bit overboard on the amazing books out there. You inner cookie monster comes out, & you hoard all the books. Then your tbr list becomes never ending. & you end up complementing whether books have took over your life but then it's too late, because they have.

Ok. ok thats a little dramatic. but you get my point right? lol 
But this month was nothing like that. like AT ALL. I was really blessed this month and last month with books like I had received. I ended up receiving two books from the authors' in which they gracefully signed. One which was featured in my April favorites. The other book was Nemesis By Brandon Reichs. Theres something so exciting about turning the first pages and enjoying the personalize signature. 

Then I received two books from Blogging For Books, in which I work with. I request the books I want to review & the lovely people send them straight my way. I literally have no complaints about the program, its great ! (: I also ended up getting sent Defy The Stars by Claudia Gray from the publisher & Dreamfall by Amy Plum from Epic Reads. Both anticipating reads I can't wait to binge read.  
A post shared by jacqueline garcia (@distantandlocal) on

A post shared by jacqueline garcia (@distantandlocal) on
& lastly, I received the last book in the Dorothy must Die series from winning a giveaway. The book is not only signed but I also received some pretty awesome book merch (:
I do realize that I'm incredibly grateful and lucky to have received the books I was sent. I don't ever think for a second that I'm not. After having all these books in my life, they become a reminder on why I enjoy reading and sharing it with you. And because I was given so many, I don't think I'll be purchasing any books for a little while. lol ebooks for now.

& now I'll leave you to admire the book spines, because they're just as beautiful as the covers! (:

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