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By now you should have figured, from time to time I will say I'm done buying books and then buy books. Yes I know, I'm insufferable. But the only way I'll try and salvage my reputation and contradictions is buying justifying myself. 
Hence my justification below.
So how do I justify getting more books? Is it too little to say I love em and be done with it? It's an awfully good reason, don't you think? But in fairness, I also have another good reason. Ready for it?

They're thrifted!

It's a book lover's worst and best craving. Getting books at insanely good prices. I shop local for books whenever I can. And I'm probably being bias, but I did get good books this time around at my local charity shop. 

I got all my books at one local Savers. So what did I get? 
-The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls ( A book I've been putting off reading for so long, that now I have no excuse to not read & I heard it's going to be a movie soon,so there's that)
-The Alchemist & By The River Piedra I Sat Down And Wept by Paulo Coelho (I've read The Alchemist before but always snag a copy any chance I get)
-Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer (saw that movie, don't know why I haven't read the book yet)
-Doomed by Chuck Palahnuik (it's actually an arc but technically it was donated so I guess not for profit & it's signed!!!!!)
And have you noticed they're all paperback this time around? I actually don't mind getting slightly worn paperback copies. In my head; if I wanted a nice hardcover of it, I would buy it full price.
Hope you enjoyed seeing what I'll be reading for a while. I know there wasn't any YA in this haul. But don't you worry, I treat all books equals despite genre (;

Now my little question's to you; have you read any of these, what did you think? Do you love thrift shopping for books as much as I do? Let's talk about in the comments below (:

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  1. I love getting cheap books. Honestly, I rarely by super new books because I'm a poor artist. I get my books from thriftybooks, I got 8 books for like $40. A

  2. Love books, I have a book blog so :) Always fun to get great deals on books. I haven't seen the movie Into the wild or read the book, is it good?

    1. I thought the movie was great! So I think the book will be just as good, hopefully(:

  3. I absolutely LOVED Into the Wild! Hope you enjoy it too!

    1. Can't wait to read it, I heard nothing but great things(:

  4. I love thrifting! Although where I live there are like 3 – in the entire country. So I don't really get that much of an opportunity to go to them.

  5. I've recently discovered these cheap book stores and I'm obsessed🙈 I keep going back there almost every day just to see what they have hahaha 😄 This is the best addiction!


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