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May Wrap Up:
Last month felt like it went faster than April I think. There were so many errands, and projects & shopping that had to get done in a certain amount of time. It all led up to my brothers beautiful wedding, that went off without a hitch. All the planning and decorating also lead to pampering when we had the time. It was safe to say face masks and lounging when I could were time well spent.

And among the resting, I found love in this beautiful edition of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. My sister ended up giving it to me for Christmas & I barely got around to rereading this lovely story. This edition is from Barnes & Noble Collector's edition. This edition is all types of wonderful. From the memorizing end pages to the illustrations.

In the midst of picking a dress for my brothers wedding, I ended up picking up this bad boy. I love Too Faced products. And this little palette certainly didn't let me down. It's safe to say the Wet/Dry shadows have been much loved. Cruelty free/Vegan makeup for the win! 

And while were speaking of vegan finds, Pacifica keeps winning. In March, I mentioned how I loved their mascara. So I thought of trying more by them. This mask!!!! Ugh. It smells magical. & It really did say what it was suppose to do. I deal with shiny/oily skin by nature, so anything that can combat it while without being harsh on my face is a go to for me. Again, Pacifica is also Vegan and Cruelty free. (:
I've noticed that this month, I had been gravitated towards more shade flattering makeup. And this lip tint was in constant reach. It gave the most lovely pink to my lips that was over powering. It complimented my skin & again, smelled amazing. 
If I had to rate last month, I honestly would rate it 5 lucky stars. I got to read books I wanted to read, pamper and take care of my skin. & expand my love for cruelty free brands I can say without a doubt are my go to's now. And coincidentally everything I coveted happened to be pink. But a happy coincidence indeed. 

So my question to you, what stuff have you enjoy last month? (:

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