Summer Reads aka Matson Marathon

5:37:00 PM

This summer I decided to have a theme. A Matson theme. Because from what I've been told, Morgan Matson books scream to be read in the summer. That they're light, fun and not too heavy to get through. And with the lovely gifting of books from a bookish friend, I can enjoy all the Matson books to my hearts desire.

I started my first Matson book with The Unexpected Everything. And people were right. Her writing is witty and fun and enjoyable. I thought going about this summer with reading books that didn't entail too much thinking and that are lighthearted enough. Because with running around with children and avoiding the heat, I much needed an easy book. So whilst babysitting, I read through this baby and finished it with ease.

& So I'm left with the remaining Matson books to read. With all the good reviews and recommendations, I'm sure they will be just as lovely to read too. But its certainly not to say ill be exclusive be reading Matson. I have been eyeing Our Dark Duet by Victoria Schwab; which is the anticipated sequel I've been impatiently been wanting to read. 

And whilst getting some shots, I think my cat might be joining in on my summer reading too. that or she just loves being a little vain (;

What are your summer reads? Do you guys have any themes?

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  1. It's winter down here in New Zealand, but my next read is actually 'Since You've Been Gone'. Normally I would save a book like that for the Summer but I saw it on display in the library and decided I should probably give it a read since everyone raves about Morgan Matson.

    Once I have finished it I will probably go back to my dark and mysterious fantasy novels to fit with the gloomy weather, haha!


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