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8:02:00 PM

 Since the success of my first giveaway, I've received much more new readers. I couldn't be thankful enough for you guys becoming and expanding this great community. But what I haven't yet done is an official Q&A of what my blog is and who I am. So what I've done below is complied the most asked questions people usually have.

When I first started this blog, I actually didn't post anything really relevant. It included some food recipes and some wishlists. Nothing like my blog is today. But what it does consist of now are things I've enjoyed the most. I love reading, makeup, skincare, healthy food and so on. So a lot of my blog with be divided up but also work together nicely I think.
Well, the name came quite quickly to me actually. I love and enjoy a lot of things. Some of things I like are from distant places and others; local. Hence, distant and local. And on occasion, most often then not; I'll find and feature products that are sold locally but are from distant places. Which is a total win. So in blog posts, I will almost always include if the piece I found were in face distant or local.
 Usually I'll label things local finds if they're within a small proximity to where I'm located. FYI, I'm California based.
 I'm quite lucky that I love where I live because everything is in a somewhat drive-able distance from me. And quite easy ti travel to. I live in Southern California so I'll usually label things local if its in Southern California. And areas like Northern California, I'll label "local neighbors". I found it Easier that way because it is technically local for my state but not real close. 
 Anything and everything out of my state. So others states and countries I'll label distant finds.
 My blog in essence is a blog about my lifestyle and bookish things, but the main theme of it all is whether the things I like are local or distant. I enjoy the story behind things and the history of how it came into my possession and I hope you enjoy hearing about it too. I also want to thank all of you for helping me and encouraging me that a strong blog is only as good as the awesome audience it has. I hope these answered some of your questions(:

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